Welcome to Music & Math Masters Studio

Our business is to motivate and train music and math masters.

WELCOME to the place where anyone can master music or math in a very short period of time.

Music & Math Masters Studio (aka M3S) provides:

  • Affordable, convenient private lessons designed to help you master a musical instrument you always wanted to play.
  • That friendly, patient and approachable motivator (we call coach) whose goal is to illuminate your mind so that you are able to eliminate math mysteries and increase self-esteem and confidence in overcoming any math difficulties.
  • Approaches that lead to self-exploratory analysis and self-discovery of natural gifts. Voice lessons that reveal amateur natural talent and then develops it into advanced natural talent (ANT).
  • Music & math retail merchandise (1,000 sq ft)
  • On-site instrument repair and service shop
  • 50-seat auditorium (recital hall)

Hear that sound? It’s the encouragement you’ll hear while listening to a coach as you learn and enjoy music or to master a math lesson or difficulty.