"I do know that I get most joy in life out of [playing] my violin."

-Albert Einstein

Welcome to Music & Math Masters Studio

Our business is to motivate and train music and math masters.

This is the place where anyone can master music or math in a very short period of time.

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Our Services

We offer a variety of affordable and convenient services designed to help you master an instrument or overcome any math difficulties and increase self-discovery of natural talents.

Hear that sound?

It’s the encouragement you’ll hear while listening to a coach as you learn and enjoy music or master a math lesson or difficulty.

Stand Out

Check out Tony Craddock Jr. who got his start from being taught by Music & Math founder Charles Perkins himself and see how training can truly turn you into a master.

Tony Craddock Jr.
Tony Craddock Jr.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Coach Perkins has been working with our 8 th grader in Algebra for the past six months. During this period, she has shown significant improvement in her math skills. Her high regard and rapport with him are clearly evident and she is looking forward to continued success under his guidance."

Marvin and Mary Webster

Robinson, TX

"We are no longer desperate for math tutorial help thanks to Music & Math Masters Studio. Other learning centers are not in the ballpark of our budget. Within a couple of months, our son was learning piano and getting higher grades in math. Music & Math deserves credit for his surge in math scores and his high self-esteem. Easy 5 stars."

Rolando Medina

McGregor, TX

"After six months of taking math and piano classes at Music & Math, there has been a radical change in the way my son views class work. I have yet to hear him fret or grumble as he did so often in the past with respect to math. In fact, his grades in other subjects have also shown a surprising upside. Music & Math training has been one of the best investments outside the classroom I can think of."


Waco, TX

"My son got a clearer understanding in math from Music & Math Masters than he did in public school. Mr. Perkins relieved much of his anxieties once he left high school and taught him enough to pass the GED. Since that point he has done remarkably well in math and recently received his certification in Computer Maintenance Technology from Texas State Technical College. This is a big accomplishment in my view and came about in large measure to the confidence and skills he acquired while attending Music & Math."

Hattie McGill

Waco, TX

"My daughter has always had difficulties with mathematical concepts and passing academic math
STAAR exams.  I was referred to Music & Math Masters Studio three years ago and it has changed
my daughter's way of approaching and tackling her assigned various math levels.  She truly needed
those one-on-one sessions to reinforce her learning and comprehension.  It is a joy to say that my
daughter has passed every math STAAR exam, on the first try from the moment I initially signed her
up at Music & Math Masters Studio.  THANKS YOU SO MUCH, MR. PERKINS!!!  You share your
knowledge with grace and my daughter and I will be forever grateful!"

Pam Stricklin

Waco, TX