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Music & Math Masters Studio is not for everybody. Perhaps you are a non-musician, or an atheist, or someone who hates dealing with math. Such folk cannot appreciate all the benefits Music & Math provides. But ANYONE who thinks it would be fun to learn to play an instrument as small as a song flute or as large as a sousaphone (tuba) will find Music & Math Masters the perfect store. If you like to dabble in numbers and figures from arithmetic to algebra or to control your tone like that of a Whitney Houston or Barbara Streisand, then spending the money and time to find out for sure is the smart thing to do. Audio and video recording are available here and the rates are also affordable.
My name is Charles Perkins, Sr. And my hometown is Waco, where I developed a love for music and math in the mid 60s from two role-model high school teachers (from the now defunct G.W. Carver). Based on their inspiration, I later joined the Longhorn band and eventually earned my bachelor degree in math from UT at Austin while concurrently serving as a paratrooper in the Texas Airborne National Guard. Music & Math gradually became my love story, of sorts, after being hired as an Intelligence Analyst by the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC. and joining a rapidly growing Baptist church in Dumfries, Virginia. These experiences impacted my ever-increasing confidence to teach, tutor, and train scores of youth in Bible, band, and math.

After 35 years in the Washington, DC area, my wife (Rosemary) and I returned to Waco and resided in Gholson. Years of backgrounds in military training, clandestine intelligence work, leadership as a church deacon, community services volunteer, training as a qualified teacher at McLennan Community College, and then working 10 years teaching both band and math at Aquilla Independent School District, contributed to the establishment of a business that is like no other. Starting this business on 7 Sep 2013 could not have been possible without the financial advice, commitment and support of Rosemary, who often had to apply her 30 years of executive administrative expertise that she gleaned from the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Music & Math codifies, for me, a special place of intermission and refuge -- a blending of God's grace and mercy. It affords me the opportunity of pioneering God's gifts of playing almost all musical instruments and tutoring the solutions to almost any math problem for the next generation. The sweet taste that I get from training and applying these two disciplines come from my study of the life of Albert Einstein. Einstein’s name is synonymous with that of a math genius, a good violin virtuoso, a generous benefactor, and unbiased, humble individual. This store was therefore established, in part, to mentor the next generation of music and math disciples.
Despite daily dealings with our customers in band and orchestra rentals, selling music accessories, and providing instrument repair services, the foremost objective of Music & Math Masters is to train our clients how to play a musical instrument and to learn math. Each person, 3 years of age and over, can learn how to skillfully play one or more musical instruments or to increase their competence to master various mathematical problems and exams. A dozen or so staff personnel have been hired to patiently train every client in one-on-one, private lessons. There are eight rooms at the studio for this purpose.
For the past three years, undergraduates and graduates from Baylor School of Music have served as adjunct Violin coaches for beginner, intermediate, and master student studies. The studio stocks a broad diversity of music training publications in the form of literature, manuals, and manuscripts. In addition, a wide assortment of music genres, self-teaching and play-along training books are on hand.
The math client, regardless of age, receives a customized math journal of the topics covered, authored by the owner. Year after year, musicians associated with this studio perform center stage from 10 am to 5 pm at the Richland Mall on a December Saturday, which we refer to as "Music & Math Masters' Showcase of stars." Bonding among our clients is further reinforced by their participation in the Sounds of Freedom Band -- the exclusive house band of the Music & Math Masters Studio.
As this business enters its fourth year (2017), we are privileged to have the trust, admiration, and respect of numerous parents, within a radius of 50 miles, who want to find an affordable, school-approved rental instrument, a competent music/math instructor (See our gallery of coaches), or to find that elusive sheet music or rare CD recording of a melody nearly forgotten. Of the multiplicity of ways for training clients, the one most popular at this studio is to rewrite the genre of music, most enjoyed by clients, in a manner compatible with their current skill level. The client can then take home music in order to perfect a well-known melody as an alternative to engaging in repetitious exercises and scales.
Turn-around time for instrument repairs and services averages about one week and is in the hands of two reliable, experienced technicians. One is Mike DeLillo, who as the dean of band instrument repair technicians has more than 35 years of experience working with school districts in the Waco vicinity. He has a well-established reputation for providing efficient band repairs and regularly performs as a standout musician within the Waco Jazz Orchestra. The second technician is Rick Shaw, a gifted luthier in the repairs of heirloom wooden instruments, orchestra and novelty string instruments. He has been self employed in his own customize guitar business for more than 15 years.
Visit our studio and discover why Music & Math is the perfect store for lovers of notes and numbers.
Studio address: 100 Midway Center, Ste C Woodway, Texas 76712
Phone: (254) 235 - 6662
Email: musicandmathmasters@gmail.com
Directions: -- Diagonally across Hwy W 84, in Midway Center -- At the junction of Hewitt and Estates Drives (FM 1695) -- Near CVS Pharmacy and next door to Marco's Pizza