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Music & Math Masters Studio is a first-class learning center featuring more than a dozen friendly, proficient, and competent coaches. The studio is well suited to facilitate real-time solutions in six categories:

1) Resolving perplexing math concepts

2) Mastering musical instruments

3) Improving reading skills

4) Enhancing vocal performances

5) Repairing band and orchestra instruments

6) Creating professional audio and video recordings

Complete beginners ages 3 years old and above are able to rapidly learn how to play two or more musical instruments through progressive series of beginner, intermediate, and master-level (advanced) classes. Regular clients include many retirees, homeschoolers, aspiring musicians, individuals seeking a career makeover, students struggling through math, and those requiring professional assistance helpful for reading, dyslexia, and attention deficit issues.

This studio is exceptionally useful to helping parents eliminating false starts and avoiding wasteful expenditures for instruments not suitable for their children. By paying a one-time- only enrollment fee of $50, parents allow Music & Math Masters’ coaches to be a major assist to their decision making with respect to which instrument to start on. Children are exposed to learning to play on a wide range of musical instruments, while undergoing their training, without any additional rate changes. When an instrument stands out as most appropriate for a child’s age, musical taste, personality, background, range of skills, or learning style, then that could provide parents the ideal starting point for making a judgment call.

The creative aspects of making music on an instrument are much more enjoyable if the teaching style as well as the instrument suit the learner. A good training coach is the secret. There is no substitute for a good training coach who puts an appropriate emphasis on having fun, increasing self-esteem, and sustaining a client's ability to learn by applying discipline and independent thinking—which in turn, uplifts the mind and accelerates successful results.

Acquiring musical and math related skills and experiences from Music & Math Masters Studio can never be considered as time lost or wasted. Choosing the right music studio is of utmost importance.

Music & Math Masters is also a reputable music retailer that sells, rents, and repairs band and orchestra instruments. Our beginner instruments are often more modestly priced compared to intermediate (upgrades) instruments and professional models. Second-hand, name-brand instruments, which are in ample supply, make excellent alternative instruments and are never sold without a quality case. Finally, Music & Math Masters Studio includes audio and video recording facilities, available by appointment only.

Our Founder

My name is Charles Perkins, Sr. And my hometown is Waco, where I developed a love for music and math in the mid 60s from two role-model high school teachers (from the now defunct G.W. Carver). Based on their inspiration, I later joined the Longhorn band and eventually earned my bachelor degree in math from UT at Austin while concurrently serving as a paratrooper in the Texas Airborne National Guard. Music & Math gradually became my love story, of sorts, after being hired as an Intelligence Analyst by the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC. and joining a rapidly growing Baptist church in Dumfries, Virginia. These experiences impacted my ever-increasing confidence to teach, tutor, and train scores of youth in Bible, band, and math.


After 35 years in the Washington, DC area, my wife (Rosemary) and I returned to Waco and resided in Gholson. Years of backgrounds in military training, clandestine intelligence work, leadership as a church deacon, community services volunteer, training as a qualified teacher at McLennan Community College, and then working 10 years teaching both band and math at Aquilla Independent School District, contributed to the establishment of a business that is like no other. Starting this business on 7 Sep 2013 could not have been possible without the financial advice, commitment and support of Rosemary, who often had to apply her 30 years of executive administrative expertise that she gleaned from the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Music & Math codifies, for me, a special place of intermission and refuge -- a blending of God's grace and mercy. It affords me the opportunity of pioneering God's gifts of playing almost all musical instruments and tutoring the solutions to almost any math problem for the next generation. The sweet taste that I get from training and applying these two disciplines come from my study of the life of Albert Einstein. Einstein’s name is synonymous with that of a math genius, a good violin virtuoso, a generous benefactor, and unbiased, humble individual. This store was therefore established, in part, to mentor the next generation of music and math disciples.