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Music & Math Masters sells new and slightly used instruments!

Acquired by the owner for demonstrations or student-training purposes. Most instruments are in good to excellent condition and are available at the store immediately after the check verification process or the credit card approval process or cash payment has been completed. 

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Digital KeyboardYamaha DBX 640 Grand KeyboardBench, Pedal, & StandUsed$1,066
Digital KeybaordYamaha YPG-235 Portable Grand KeyboardStandUsed$460
Digital KeyboardMain Street keyboard MKB-86161 Keys, Fully Assembled on StandUsed$440
OboeSelmer OboeStudent ModelNew$1,500
FluteOxford Open-Hold Silver FluteNew$410
ClarinetSelmer SoloistWood Clarinet, CaseUsed$550
ClarinetOld KraftmanWood Clarinet, CaseUsed $300
ClarinetYamaha 450NWood Clarinet, CaseUsed$500
ClarinetSelmer Signet 100Wood Clarinet, CaseUsed$470
ClarinetSelmer Aristocrat CL601Wood Clarinet, CaseUsed$470
ClarinetChateau CCL-36AABS Composite Clarinet, CaseNew$529
ClarinetKloseWood Clarinet, CaseUsed$600
SaxophoneKohlert Alto Sax 504Gold Lacquer, CaseUsed$660
SaxophoneE.F. Durand Alto SaxGold Lacquer, CaseNew$462
SaxophoneOxford Alto SaxGold Lacquer, CaseNew$690
SaxophoneChateau Alto Sax ProfessionalArmor Grey, CaseNew$1,800
SaxophoneChateau Alto Sax"Cafe" Finish, CaseNew$700
SaxophoneChateau Alto Sax"Cafe" Finish, CaseNew$700
SaxophoneCeCilo Alto SaxEmerald Green Finish, CaseUsed$400
SaxophoneYanagisawa Alto SaxProfessional Model, Gold Lacquer, CaseNew$3,000
SaxophoneOxford Soprano SaxStraight, Gold Lacquer, CaseUsed$406
SaxophoneSelmer LaVoix II Soprano SaxIntermediate, Gold Lacquer, CaseNew$2,500
SaxophoneMusic & Math Masters Tenor SaxChampagne Finish, CaseUsed$870
SaxophoneChateau Tenor SaxHard CaseUsed$800
SaxophoneChateau Tenor SaxProfessional Model, Antique Finish, Contour CaseNew$2,000
French HornOxford Double French HornGold Brass, CaseUsed$560
BugleRegiment BugleMouthpiece, Gig BagNew$107
TrumpetBach Stradivarius LT 108s-72HardcaseUsed$1,609
TrumpetGiardinelliBlack & Gold Lacquer, Intermediate, CaseUsed$750
TrumpetOxford TrumpetChoice white, green, or blue, each with CaseNew$125
TrumpetJinbao TB3000Silver, CaseUsed$250
TrumboneMenidi Valve TromboneGold Lacquer, CaseNew$700
AccordianSonataKeyboard & Buttons, CaseNew$450
PercussionTimbaleCowbell, Tripod StandNew$200
PercussionAfrican Djembe12in. TAJ, DrumNew$200
PercussionPearl Bell KitGig Bag, StandAs Is$70
PercussionPearl Bell KitGig Bag, StandAs Is$70
PercussionPearl Bell KitGig Bag, StandAs Is$70
Pan FlutePan Flute22 Pipes, Right-Hand ConfiguredNew$105
Orchestral StringsMathis Thoma (Romania) Electric 4/4 Blue Violin2 Bows, CaseUsed$550
Fretted StringsKala U-Bass UkuleleTweed Hard CaseUsed$700
Fretted StringFender Squier (4-string) BassHardshell Gator CaseUsed$470
Fretted StringStadium (5-string) BassBlack, no caseUsed$410
Fretted StringStadium Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar4/4 Natural, Deluxe Gig BagNew$225
Fretted StringStadium Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar4/4 Black, Deluxe Gig BagNew$225
Fretted StringOscar Schmidt Tenor UkuleleBrown Walnut, Diamond Head Gig BagUsed$130
Fretted StringDiamond Head "US Flag" Soprano UkuleleGig BagNew$45
Fretted StringDiamond Head "Palm Tree" Soprano UkuleleGig BagNew$45


ReedsBARISingleBari SaxSoft plastic$18.00 ea.
ReedsBARISingleBass ClarinetSoft plastic$18.00 ea.
ReedsBARISingleClarinetSoft plastic$18.00 ea.
ReedsBARISingleTenor SaxSoft plastic$18.00 ea.
ReedsBARISingleSoprano SaxMedium plastic$18.00 ea.
ReedsD'Addario PlastiCover5 boxAlto Sax2.5$26.99/box
ReedsD'Addario PlastiCover5 boxTenor Sax2.5$31.59/box
ReedsD'Addario PlastiCover5 boxSoprano Sax2.5$35.75/box
ReedsLegere plasticSingleAlto Sax3.0, 3.5$27.00 ea.
ReedsLegere plasticSingleClarinet2.0$27.00 ea.
ReedsOXFORD10 boxAlto Sax1.5$11.80/box
ReedsOXFORD10 boxClarinet1.5$10.80/box
ReedsOXFORD10 boxSoprano Sax2.0$17.95/box
ReedsRICO PlastiCover5 boxClarinet2.023.99/box
ReedsRICO PlastiCover5 boxClarinet2.5$23.99/box
ReedsRICO PlastiCover5 boxBari Sax2.5$35.99/box
ReedsRICO Hemke5 boxSoprano Sax3.0$17.99/box
ReedsRICO Reserve10 boxAlto Sax3.0$53.00/box
ReedsRICO Reserve10 boxClarinet4.0+$31.99/box
ReedsRICO Royal10 boxAlto Sax1.0$25.99/box
ReedsRICO Royal10 boxBass Clarinet3.0$35.95/box
ReedsRICO Royal10 boxTenor Sax3.0$36.99/box
ReedsRICO10 boxAlto Sax1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5$25.99/box
ReedsRICO10 boxBass Clarinet2.0, 2.5, 3.0$34.95/box
ReedsRICO10 boxClarinet2.5, 3.0, 4.0$20.99/box
ReedsRICO10 boxBari Sax1.5, 3.5$41.30/box
ReedsRICO10 boxTenor Sax1.5, 3.0$32.99/box
ReedsRICO10 boxSoprano Sax2.5$30.28/box
ReedsRICO25 boxClarinet4.0$69.00/box
ReedsRICO25 boxAlto Clarinet2.5$33.67/box
ReedsMitchell Lurie10 boxClarinet2.5$33.50/box
ReedsVandoren5 boxTenor Sax1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0$23.99/box
ReedsVandoren5 boxBari Sax2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5$41.99/box
ReedsVandoren5 boxBass Clarinet1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 4.0$23.99/box
ReedsVandoren JAVA (red)5 boxAlto Sax3.5$29.99/box
ReedsVandoren JAVA (green)5 boxAlto Sax2.5$29.99/box
ReedsVandoren JAZZ10 boxAlto Sax2.5$29.99/box
ReedsVandoren Rue Lepic10 boxClarinet #563.5+$32.99/box
ReedsVandoren10 boxAlto Sax2.0, 2.5, 3.5, 4.0$32.99/box
ReedsVandoren10 boxClarinet2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0$32.99/box
ReedsVandoren V-1210 boxClarinet3.5$32.99/box
ReedsVandoren V-2110 boxClarinet3.5$32.99/box
Woodwind MouthpiecesClaude Lakey 4*31Alto SaxHard Rubber$145.00
Woodwind MouthpiecesDavid Hite 111 Premiere1ClarinetPlastic$33.50
Woodwind MouthpiecesDavid Hite 117 Premiere1Alto SaxPlastic$39.15
Woodwind MouthpiecesDavid Hite 118 Premiere1Tenor SaxPlastic$46.35
Woodwind MouthpiecesEspirit BARI Kit (cap, ligature, mpc)1ClarinetPlastic$33.95
Woodwind MouthpiecesEspirit BARI Kit (cap, ligature, mpc)1Alto SaxPlastic$35.95
Woodwind MouthpiecesEspirit BARI Kit (cap, ligature, mpc)1Tenor SaxPlastic$37.95
Woodwind MouthpiecesMetal Gold (generic brand) #61Alto SaxMetal$150.00
Woodwind MouthpiecesMetal Gold (generic brand) #71Tenor SaxMetal$150.00
Woodwind MouthpiecesSelmer C*S801Alto SaxHard Rubber$272.00
Woodwind MouthpiecesSelmer GoldTone1Alto SaxPlastic$38.99
Woodwind MouthpiecesYamaha AS-4C1Alto SaxPlastic$38.99
Woodwind MouthpiecesYamaha BCL-4C1Bass ClarinetPlastic$61.99
Woodwind MouthpiecesYamaha BS-5C1Baritone SaxPlastic$51.99
Woodwind MouthpiecesVandoren Optimum AL31Alto SaxPlastic$120.99
Woodwind MouthpiecesVandoren Optimum TL31Tenor SaxPlastic$140.99
Woodwind MouthpiecesVandoren 5RV Lyre1ClarinetPlastic/HR$95.99
Rovner LigaturesRovner Dark IR1ClarinetHard Rubber (HR)$38.99
Rovner LigaturesRovner Dark 1RL1Alto/ Tenor SaxHR/ Plastic$38.99
Rovner LigaturesRovner SS-1RL1Alto SaxHR/Plastic$38.99
Rovner LigaturesRovner SS-1R1ClarinetHR/Plastic$23.96
Rovner LigaturesRovner SS-3R1Baritone SaxHR/Plastic$38.99
Rovner LigaturesRovner SS-RTM1Tenor SaxMetal$38.99
Rovner LigaturesRovner X-1RL1Alto SaxHR/Plastic$64.96
Brasswind MouthpiecesBach 5-piece Kit1Trumpet1.5C, 3C, 5B, 5C$59.99 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesBach1Trumpet7CNot In Stock
Brasswind MouthpiecesBach1TromboneSmall Shank, 6 1/2AL$75.00 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesBach1TromboneLarge Shank, 6 1/2AL$95.85 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesBach1TromboneLarge Shank, 5G$70.49 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesBach1Tuba/Sousaphone25$90.49 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesBlessing1Mellophone5$54.25 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesBlessing1Trumpet5B$34.99 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesBlessing1Trumpet14A4A$51.25 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesC.G. Conn CKB/ Helleberg1Tuba5E$52.99 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesHolton1French HornFarkas FH$63.00 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesMt Vernon1French Horn11C$30.95 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesMt Vernon1Trumpet3C$45.60 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesMt Vernon1Trumpet7C$30.99 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesMt Vernon1Trombone12C$30.99 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesMt Vernon1Tuba18$49.50 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesMTC Plastic mpc1Trumpet5C$15.00 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesMTC Plastic mpc1Trumpet7C$15.00 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesSchilke1Trumpet14A4A$85.00 ea.
Brasswind MouthpiecesUSA1TromboneSmall Shank, 6 1/2 AL$43.00 ea.