This studio supplies help to struggling tier 2 and tier 3 students (grade B ranking and Math Students below) who require a patient math coach, one who is experienced in relieving commonplace math anxieties, overcoming typical math fear, and instilling confidence and a thorough bank of knowledge that will aid them in passing STAAR and other standardized math exams. Notes at every training session are recorded by the coach in a Math Journal and supplied to every student free of charge. Lessons are paid in advance at a cost of $140 for four 45-minute classes or eight 20-minute classes (for children ages nine and below).

Math is what you make it

  • Choose-a-Lesson topic or subject (offered for grades 4-12)
  • Semi-private lessons (i.e., group sessions) are encouraged
  • Students are provided M3S instructional material
  • Lessons are 45-minutes ($35 per lesson) and are pre-scheduled in sets of four-lessons (a module) at a rate of $140 per module.
  • Unscheduled, impromptu, single math lessons are $40 per lesson
  • Examples of single lessons include homework, or assignment-specific difficulties to be solved upon request
  • Non-refundable, one-time Registration fee of $50

MODULES (defined)

A  Module  is a group (or set) of four 45-minutes private lessons with a coach.  This equates to roughly three hours of instruction time.  Cost is $140 per module.

We love hearing from former clients, who once struggled in math, that math is not as bad as they once thought.  Mental conformity to the regimen, discipline, and rigorous application of some basic algebraic principles (as encouraged by a coach) can become the catalyst for this turn around.  Eventually, the client gains considerable personal satisfaction and confidence in his or her own innate ability to master math.  Higher math scores in the classroom is still regarded as undisputable evidence that meaningful changes have finally taken root.

M3Lessons are affordable and designed to help each client solve almost any math problem.  Private lessons are held in well-ventilated, sound-proof, cubicles/chambers.

Our Math lessons are personally tailored approaches to teaching mathematics.  M3Sspecializes in using several effective learning strategies.  For example, one such strategy is called Math Journaling. This involves the client writing his/her own math journal of summarized math notes for each math lesson addressed.  M3S also places each client in the care of a math coach who sits right alongside the client while he/she views online math videos.  Such an arrangement insures that the client’s questions and concerns, relative to any math lesson, are immediately addressed.  The coach facilitates the learning process by skipping portions of the video or by dwelling or elaborating on aspects the client will need later on.

Ninety eight percent of most math lessons and concepts can be adequately addressed within a single 45-minute lesson slot or a group of four lessons. For example, a student can learn ‘solving equations’ in just one module consisting of four 45-minute lessons.   Any four-lesson module may be divided into four separate time slots that cover two days or that span across a 28-day period held at convenient times with the client’s schedule.

Clients will have access to our studio’s own special book of summarized math lessons —Charley A. Helper.  Coaches will periodically evaluate a client’s understanding of key math concepts and may use homework assignments to measure the client’s progress or check for understanding.

Increasing numbers of homeschoolers have discovered that their math comprehension significantly improved with the aid of a personal math coach. M3S provides ready resources to enable a homeschooler to overcome any math difficulties in their home school curriculum.

Students may take advantage of our after-school math tutorial programs from elementary grades (4 to 6), middle school (6 to 8), pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, on up to pre-calculus.  Our lessons are designed to prepare students to pass state-wide standardized examinations and end-of-course examinations.

A non-refundable registration fee of $50 is required upon enrollment.  It is a one-time only charge that is based on each client that enrolls rather than the number of lessons or modules taken.

Customers are required to pay the registration fee and deposit at least 50 percent of the cost for each Module when starting a new lesson.  The balance for any Module must be paid in full at the start of the third lesson of a given Module.

Most lessons are arranged by pre-scheduled appointments.  However, customers taking a single lesson will be charged $40 for an impromptu, unscheduled appointment of 45 minutes (provided space and an appropriate coach are available).  Any single lesson appointment requires a $50 non-refundable registration fee as well.

Payments by cash, checks (with proper photo identification), or major credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) are acceptable.