M&D Music Repair Service

Band & Orchestra Repairs

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Mike & Deborah DeLillo are owners of M&D Music Services. It is Waco’s oldest band instrument repair business. Mike has earned wide acclaim and respect for his pioneer role as a certified instrument repair technician, with over 30 plus years working at several now-defunct Waco music stores and repairing instruments for many local band directors. Although M&D Music Services operate as an independent entity, much of their repair work is performed in conjunction with Music & Math Masters Studio. The quality of services offered in woodwind, brasswind, and percussion repairs generally require just one week turn around. Shorter repair times as well as free loaners (while repairs are underway) are possible but under certain circumstances. Although repair costs may vary, customer authorization is absolutely necessary prior to doing the actual work. Please drop off your instrument at the studio during regular business hours. Pickups are normally scheduled for a Saturday evening, at least a week later, following the drop off.