Music Courses


  • Courses offered extend from beginner to higher levels
  • No obligation to purchase an instrument
  • Lessons are 45-minutes ($30 per lesson) and are pre-scheduled
    in sets of 4-lessons (a module) at the rate of $120 per module.
  • 45-minute time slots or segments (defined as one Lesson)
  • Non-refundable, one-time registration fee of $50
  • Client pays the cost of an instructional method/practice books
  • Client pays cost of essential accessories (reeds, mouthpiece, etc.)
  • Lessons may be taken consecutively on a daily basis or weekly

MODULES (defined)

A  Module  is a group (or set) of four private lesson segments of 45 minutes each, face-to-face with a coach.  This is about two hours of instruction time.  Cost is $120 per module.

Completing the first Module marks the client’s first step in the journey to become a musician.  Helping the client to achieve musicianship is crucial.  It is a deliberative process requiring several hours of practice and tutoring.

The first module for all beginners is a prerequisite two-hour course on reading music notations.  It lays the building blocks for learning to play every musical instrument taught at M3S.  By the way, There is no obligation to purchase an instrument in order to receive musical training on it.  However, each student must purchase their own individual mouthpiece (if appropriate) in order to play their instrument of choice as well as the associated method book.  In the case of certain instruments, such as piano and guitar, M3Sprovides the keyboard or guitar on site, at no additional cost. The real fun begins when a client realizes that he or she gets to learn to play a variety of musical instruments without ever having to purchase any of them.

Achieving musicianship on piano, guitar, or banjo will require additional practice times away from the studio.   These instruments demand greater levels of proficiency, improved execution, and extensive command of the fundamentals, techniques, timing, and coordination skills relative to their mastery. Therefore, piano, guitar, or banjo certificates are issued solely at the discretion of the client’s coach.


M3S issues course certificates that validate the level of musicianship or degree of proficiency on a specified instrument.  Each level consists of a minimum of four lessons.

  • Novice          Level 0         (inexperienced)
  • Minimum     Level 1         (beginning musician)
  • Minor            Level 2         (apprentice musician)
  • Median         Level 3         (intermediate musician)
  • Major            Level 4         (accomplished musician)
  • Master          Level 5         (advanced soloist/virtuoso)

Clients can skip the novice level and go straight into the next higher level by demonstrating an ability to read music.  By successfully completing level 5, the client is eligible to receive a certificate as a Master musician.