Professional Luthier Services

String Instrument Repair

Rick Shaw - Professional Luthier Services

Music & Math Masters Studio is the gateway that provides access to one of the region’s finest string repairman or Luthier.

Rick Shaw builds beautiful one-of- a-kind custom made guitars at his residential workshop, but also repairs every kind of guitar and string (violins, violas, cellos, guitars, et al) instrument, including crack and finish repairs, re- fretting, refinishing, vintage restoration of quality heirloom instruments, bridge work, nut and saddles, restring, and setup.

Many local professional musicians rely on Shaw to keep their quality instruments in peak playing condition.

He also offers private workshops, by appointment, to help musicians build their very own custom guitar or ukulele.

Drop off your instrument at the studio or text Rick Shaw at (254) 722-3736 for additional details regarding his workshops. Visit